We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.
It is not just in some; it is in everyone.
[Marianne Williamson]

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

manic monday (on wednesday ;P)

lol... don't have time to be here, but when did that stop me? some very important people have now agreed to review my thesis final draft, which means it MUST be ready to send to them by Friday *gulp* that's 70 pages of footnotes to sort out and 13 pages of bibliography... and I'm beginning to wonder if it's any good and expect to look like a fool in front of said important people... but in the meantime...

Manic Mondays

last week's and this week's...

To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

If you were to say that there is a period of your life that you dream about the most, when would it be?

not sure... lately when I fall asleep feeding the lad, I seem to be dreaming of a place called "Butternook"... large house with verandahs on a hill overlooking the sea, lots of flowers and a winding path to the door, green fields... maybe it's a past life... maybe it's a future home (*fingers crossed* lol)... maybe it's just my imagination, or something I've read... but I've googled the name and apparently it doesn't exist except in my dreams...

How often do you change the sheets on your bed?

Every Sunday... I even air the blankets now that dj shares our room!

If you could wake up tomorrow in your own bed, but in another place in the world (indoors or outdoors), where would you like it to be?


If you had to name the worst song to wake up to in the morning, what would it be?

ook ummmm Maggie by Rod Stewart... "Wake up Maggie, I think I've got something to say to you..." VOMIT

Bonus: (As in optional) If you were to have Shakespeare to dinner tonight and could invite one other person from history, who would you pick?

Only one? I love this answer I found in someone else's random blog ;P

Mrs. Shakespeare. It would only be polite plus then I might get the chance to hear them bicker.

Well, if I'm going to have Shakespeare, how about another great comic playwright... Aristophanes!

Land of Nod

What is your ideal time to go to sleep at night?

ideal? I don't know... I try to get there before 3am... especially as dj wakes me up at 6 and wants to play...

If you had your choice, what time would you get up in the morning?

I actually like getting up early ;D wish I had more sleep though... *growls at the computer*

How many pillows do you sleep with on your bed?

I like one feather pillow on my side... the yeti has two lumpy ones (lol... PILLOWS, people, what did you think I was talking about???) and when dj comes into bed with us at sunup to give me a little more snoozing, I put an extra one between him and yeti, otherwise he likes to pull Daddy's hair and stroke Daddy's shoulder... which is fine with Daddy after about 8am or 9am, but will result in a grumpy Daddy if it happens any earlier!

Are you particular about your bed sheets?

Yes, have to be cotton, and smooth... can't stand scratchy sheets!

What size bed do you have?

Supersize King at the moment, but the mattress is ancient and a little musty, and since dj is now pushing top and bottom in his bassinet, and there's no room for a larger bed beside ours, it is GOING! I've got a good quote for a lovely firm Queen size for us and a softer King Single for him that just fit in the space where our SSKing and bassinet fit now (leaving me a 10cm gap to open my wardrobe)... and I can't wait to replace them! Yeti's going to build the platforms underneath them (nice and low given the lad's new-found talent for diving headfirst onto the hardwood floor) and railings / sides around dj's so it will last him 10 years without us needing to buy a cot, then a junior bed, then a single then a king single as he's likely to outgrow them too fast!

Is that the size of your choice?

Actually, I'm going to miss our huge luxurious sprawl... but there comes a time when every good mattress should retire! I was watching a home renovation show once where a woman threatened divorce because she suddenly discovered that it was the marital bed of her husband's first marriage, so his ex-wife had slept in it before her... well, this bed was used by yeti's ex... and I've slept in it with my ex (no we didn't do anything... and I ditched him for yeti soon after)... hell, my dad's even slept in this bed! and for several years (when we slept in the small loungeroom which is now MIL's tv room) the mattress was a landing platform for an injured kookaburra and then an injured owl, both of which I nursed back to health and released after a year or two of happily living inside! No wonder it smells musty!!! :P

and on that note of tmi...

cya ;D

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