We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.
It is not just in some; it is in everyone.
[Marianne Williamson]

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The elves did it - Playful parenting success #1

While Wombat screamed in fury, I peered into his mouth and pretended to see a whole city of elves doing fun things inside him... he was soon giggling so much he forgot all about the tantrum. You can bet I'm going to remember this tactic and use it again... and again... and again!!!

Later... it worked for brushing teeth too! I said I could hear the elves complaining that the little white rocks at their entrance were all yellow and dull instead of bright and shiny. He saw the toothbrush in my hand, caught on immediately and voluntarily did a great job of brushing (normally meets with stubborn resistance.)

I'm loving this! Woohoooo!


Steff said...

hmm i see another book to addto my collection :)

Saints and Spinners said...

Oh, that's funny.

I used to clean my daughter's ears by telling her that there was so much wax in them that the other kindergarteners thought they were on the playground. Rollicking fun.

Saints and Spinners said...

That is, that the wax was MUD.