We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.
It is not just in some; it is in everyone.
[Marianne Williamson]

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Love a boy in uniform

This entry is going to jump around like a frog on a hotplate, if you will excuse the somewhat painful metaphor...

Have you ever noticed that the more you have to write about, the less time you have to write in??? I am desperate to get the latest Bunyip update out - I've dropped back to doing them monthly - his month, not calendar. He is now 10 months old, and so much happened in the last month that I want to record... but between teething & the heat, he is not sleeping, and I am getting no time to myself at all!

I am in the process of redesigning my home website, and have the template all prepared and ready, but part of my reasoning is a fresh dose of paranoia. Now I am posting so many photos of my life all over the internet, I don't want to have quite so much personal information associated with them... on the very slim chance that someone undesirable finds an unsavoury use for them. This raised the new dilemma of finding a blogging name for my son. I wanted to be a little bit original, and a little bit Australian, which cut out most of the candidates as they were either too American or already being used... anyway, to cut a long story short as it is already 3:30 am and I MUST get to bed, I finally realised that there was only one name for the aussie offspring of a Yeti and a Myth... BUNYIP!

(Other possibilities seriously considered included Snugglepot, the L'il Bloke, Jackaroo, DJ and Number One Son...)

One of my motivations for keeping this blog is to record the more crafty things I make... so here is my latest project - overalls to protect my Bunyip in his new-found mission of exploring the world. MIL came home from a charity shop with a couple of army cadet camouflage shirts that didn't fit either Yeti or myself, so I remade one into overalls. I am very pleased with my ingenuity in getting two overalls from one shirt!

The pattern is very simple, traced from a pair of existing overalls. It is a size 1 but I have added extra seam allowances and hems where possible - the Bunyip is not going to stop growing anytime soon!

This pair use the sleeves of the shirt as the legs of the overalls. The sleeves were double fabric in front, and had button-adjustable cuffs, making them ideal for the purpose. Whoever gave the shirts away forgot to remove their shoulder patches from one of the shirts, so Bunyip got his own military insignia as well!

I didn't have enough fabric to make two bibs, so this pair use the epaulettes to fasten the straps, and the pockets were unpicked and resewn as knee patches.

This pair were made from leftover scraps from a skirt I made while pregnant and still wear. I put the buttonhole in the wrong place, so added the heart motif to disguise my mistake and it ended up being my favourite detail! If you look very closely, you can see that the legs are patched together in several pieces as I had nowhere near enough fabric, but I am pleased the pattern doesn't show the joins.

Here he is modelling his new actionwear!

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Steff said...

lol what a sweety he looks in his cute pants - I often worry about you know the net and that - and have thought about using an alias - but I really dont talk about where I live or anything very personal except her name. Its horrid we have to worry this way - but yes you would have to worry because your last name is out there and it would be easy to track you down.
Re writing - I try and write a little bit often and then can piece bits from those entries into my update.
Kaelyn at his age used to love pushing down towers of blocks like that
Oh and re the photo website - I basically changed the layout cause i never had time to make 7 different pages of challenges when 1 will do - If you do tweek it with all the buttons etc send me a template (oh ps would you like a copy of my html file for it