We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.
It is not just in some; it is in everyone.
[Marianne Williamson]

Friday, March 02, 2007

Near miss

I'm too tired to write this intelligently, so how about yesterday in point form?
  • Wombat refused his lovely porridge for breakfast, and wouldn't drink anything... except mummy milk... and he wanted LOTS of that
  • Wombat refused his morning nap, despite being so tired that he couldn't hold his head up, and at random moments it would CLONK into the floor while he was playing, resulting in many Wombat tears. (I think his teeth were the culprit... the next two have nearly cut through)
  • after much gnashing of maternal teeth about all the things I wanted to get done during this non-existant naptime, I finally got Wombat to sleep at 2pm.
  • 10 minutes later, the loudest thunderstorm ever arrived. Normally Wombat will sleep through a thunderstorm, but the power went out, his cd (Baroque classical) stopped, and he woke up
  • I sat down with him in the playpen for a cuddle and to tell him it was just a silly old storm and he should go back to sleep
  • that's when the house got hit by lightning. *cracklecracklecrackleBANG*
  • after checking that Yeti (who had been outside moving something out of the rain) was ok, I went back to Wombat-consoling, bidding a sad farewell to the possibility of any more napping that day
  • once the storm was over, we realised my computer wasn't working
  • GASP - one whole year of Wombat photos
  • desperate praying to St Anthony - patron St of lost things
  • about midnight, heading off to bed, had one last try to turn the computer on... it miraculously worked!
  • brand new modem was fried, though
  • now desperately making cds of photos
  • yeti bought new modem - now must share internet again...
  • hot water system also frazzled - crossing fingers insurance co. will replace
  • 3am... passing out now
  • teaching was interesting... year 3 are little monsters still... had to call principal to threaten them ;( year 4 are brilliant

1 comment:

Steff said...

Oh dear - sounds like you had quite a day!!
Try a drizzle of honey :) or even maybe something different - Kaelyn loved babys first muslie - which to my eyes smelt and tasted exactly like wheatbix
maybe a pram ride would have given a bit of a forced relaxation at least - or some playschool often helps them tune out for a bit since it was raining
buy batteries :)
no computer - gasp
you havent backed up???? at least if anything really bad happens you always have your faves on the net :)
I am trying to backup my pc as it has major problems and needs complete reinstall - dvd drie is not working though grrr - cant work out if it is new dvds or drive