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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cracking Up

After reading my sister's comment on the previous post, I went to poach some eggs for Wombat's (and my) lunch... He watched me cracking the eggs, and thought it was absolutely hilarious... I managed to recreate the giggles for a video just by saying "Crack" without the egg ;D

(he is getting very good at waving, but he was more interested in reaching for the camera than waving to his cousin!)

His infectious laughter put the whole world back into perspective again... while the obvious pain he is in from the next pair of teeth cutting through made me rather glad we weren't taking him away on holiday this week - let alone trying to fly him across the country by myself! We are going to attempt the Sydney Easter Show next week instead, which will be enough of a challenge.

Sorry I haven't got his birthday update written yet - it went very well - a quiet day at home, then we took him to the local show the day after. We were going to take him out on Sunday as well, but the weather turned icy cold all of a sudden, so we stayed inside instead. The little toothiepegs mean he is not sleeping very well (just when we were getting into a good routine - we had cut out the 4am wakeup, and been getting at least one hour & a half nap each day) so my time is very limited... I am also very tired, so I will put up a few birthday pics to give his auntie a sneak preview, then I'm off to bed - one tired-out Mummy!!!

This is the Tonka truck set he got from his Daddy...

and some of the books he got from Mummy...

His very plain birthday cake - he doesn't like icing much, so I made a nice moist carrot cake with hardly any decoration - felt like I was cheating him a bit (cake decorating is a big thing in our family) but the cake tasted yummy with fresh cream and he enjoyed it - that was the main thing. I'll do better next year.

At the show, his favourite thing was the spinny windmill we bought him - the only time he really cried was in the poultry pavilion, when a BIG white chicken pecked at his windmill through the bars - most upsetting - only a big cuddle and being splashed by a drinking duck made him feel better ;)

Wombat and I went on the Ferris Wheel - he liked it until the people on the AliBaba ride you can just see in front of us started screaming... after that he got a bit sooky and I had to distract him by pointing out Daddy on the ground and waving madly every time we went past...

The nice man with the basketball game (far left, in the blue shirt; Yeti is carrying Wombat) let Wombat put his own ball in the hoop and gave him the cute little Brazil bear as a prize... Wombat looked a bit upset about it (stranger in his personal space) but when the carny offered him a choice of other soft toys instead, he grabbed onto his bear!!!

Wombat and I went on the merry-go-round... it was a bit off-putting because it went past the back of all the other rides, with noisy machinery, all a bit industrial, rather than a flowery meadow ;P and there was no nice tinkly music... Wombat was a bit tired and unsure about it all, but he liked it when I pointed to the horse next to us and he realised he was riding on one too, and when I sang his horsey song ("Riding on your horsey, riding on your horse. Riding on your horsey, your horse, your horse of course...")

Apart from the windmill, I think Wombat's favourite birthday moment of the show was having his first taste of sugar doughnut!

Pretty good for a first birthday, I think, especially as there are quite a few presents still 'in the mail' so he won't overload by getting all his new toys at once ;)


Steff said...

love baby laughter lolkaelyn used to laugh everytime you said sock. Looks like you had a great day I nly wish we lived closer so they couldshare each others birthdays.
Hope he feels better soon

scribbit said...

Nothing like a baby's laugh to make you want to laugh too. He's so cute--and I'm sure plenty of folks tell you that--but I especially love his cute little nose.

Lady K said...

Alkelda sent me. What an adorable child! AND, his laughter IS infectious. I really needed that today.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

This one's for you, Schelle: