We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.
It is not just in some; it is in everyone.
[Marianne Williamson]

Friday, November 28, 2008

Poetry Friday - Thanksgiving

I guess it's been a long time since my last Poetry Friday - but then, Munchkin is now four months old, and it feels like he was born only yesterday.... time sure flies when you're sleep deprived, and Munchkin just loves to feed all night, so please excuse the atrocious grammer of this sentence!
I've not got long to post this before it's no longer Friday here, so I'd better hurry :D

My sister set me a challenge - to write a poem in anapestic tetrametre (the metre used by Dr Seuss.) My effort is nowhere near as entertaining and humorous as the good Doc's (or my sister's poem, for that matter)... but since Thanksgiving is in the air and I've been awaiting the muse to celebrate my sons in poetry... here goes!

Giving thanks

For our long conversations 'bout "God only knows"
And for giggles and gurgles and pink baby toes

For the huggles and snuggles and cuddles we share
For those small, chubby fingers that tangle my hair

For the sweet, sloppy kisses no mother would swap
For those bright shining glances that make my heart stop

For an infant's dependence that wails every need
For that huge milk-drunk grin at the end of a feed

For a toddler's logic and tantrums and tears
And for being the one who can calm all their fears

For their joy in exploring each blossoming skill
For their bravery pushing the bounds of free will

For frustration, impatience and chaos unleashed
As I treasure by contrast rare moments of peace

Make my hands quick to catch them whenever they fall
Make my feet swift to answer whenever they call

Dearest Lord I give thanks for these boys every day
Bless my Wombat and Munchkin, I lovingly pray!

This photo was taken a month ago, so you can see that Munchkin is no lightweight! I'm so scatterbrained lately that Yeti has suggested Munchkin is sucking out my intelligence to fill that big head of his! LOL :D (That might explain the ending of my poem, which though sincere, feels like something of a cop-out...)

Poetry Friday is hosted this week at Under the Covers.

I hear a hungry cry from the bedroom - gotta go. At least the source of Munchkin's new nickname should be obvious by now!!!


Carol said...

I think you came pretty darn close to Dr. Seuss! You captured the moments of motherhood beautifully! Thanks for sharing this! Maybe I'll go try to write one for life with two teenage boys!

laurasalas said...

Great poem! Love this:

For an infant's dependence that wails every need
For that huge milk-drunk grin at the end of a feed

And this line, too:

For frustration, impatience and chaos unleashed

Thanks for sharing!


Lisa Chellman said...

What a lovely tribute to children in general as well as yours in particular!

Cloudscome said...

I think you nailed this poetic form. You've made me thankful for my boys too - there is nothing better than being their mother!

Steff said...

Your toohardon yourself -I love it

Steff said...

P.S.I adore thepicof the boys- thereally are such BOYS lol