We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.
It is not just in some; it is in everyone.
[Marianne Williamson]

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Heave, ho, Wombat

Little Wombat threw up tonight, for the first time since he was very young (and had gutsed too much milk). He did it so very neatly, too. I was just feeding him off to sleep, and he stopped feeding, crawled up to lay across my tummy and vomited so tidily that it all went on my t-shirt and his pyjama top - not a drop on his sheets! lol... he was perfectly happy while I was changing him and cleaning him up afterwards... just wanted a big drink of water to take the taste out of his mouth.

Then we went back to bed for another try at getting him to snooze (he had a few little cries, possibly because his tummy was still upset) but he fed from both breasts before finally falling soundly asleep. It may have been his teeth, or he may have eaten too much at dinner, or maybe something he ate disagreed with him. Dinner was some of yesterday's roast lamb finely grated and spread on bread, with vegetables. He did eat a lot, but he normally does, being a big lad. He had Cherry jelly for dessert (he has had jelly before, but maybe the red colouring was a problem in this one?) and he had icecream for the first time at lunch - but he didn't like it and hardly ate any. I shall just have see how he feels tomorrow!

I do hope it wasn't the jelly, because he was so cute about choosing it - we bought one of each flavour, and this morning while making his breakfast, I put all the boxes on his highchair table. He looked at them all, before picking up the Cherry and the Raspberry flavours. I removed the other boxes, and he played with those two for about 15 minutes, obviously having trouble deciding between them. Finally, he put the Raspberry back on the table and sat quietly cuddling the Cherry... then he watched intently when I made it up at lunchtime... he was really looking forward to it!

Thinking about, I am inclined to believe that he ate too much meat, which he's not used to, and then we went to bed about 45 minutes later with a very full tummy... We will try the jelly again tomorrow (with none of the other factors) and see if there are any problems.

I have finished transferring the one month update to Baby Wombat... do you think addressing it to him makes it unreadable or too cutesy? I'd better get on with writing the current updates, as I have nothing written for the 9 months update other than some notes scribbled on paper, and he is 10 months & 4 weeks today!

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