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It is not just in some; it is in everyone.
[Marianne Williamson]

Saturday, August 25, 2007

First things first

Back to Covey's habit's this week - I am up to Habit Three: Put First Things First.

Spend time doing what fits into your personal mission, observing the proper balance between production and building production capacity. Identify the key roles that you take on in life and make time for each of them.
[Quick MBA]

Covey creates "a framework for prioritizing work that is aimed at long-term goals, at the expense of tasks that appear to be urgent, but are in fact less important. ... Important items are identified by focusing on a few key priorities and roles which will vary from person to person, then identifying small goals for each role each week, in order to maintain a holistic life balance. One tool for this is a worksheet that lists up to seven key roles, with three weekly goals per role, to be evaluated and scheduled into each week before other appointments occupy all available time with things that seem urgent but are not important."

Here is a link to a blank weekly worksheet designed by Covey. Their way of scheduling doesn't really work for me as I am not available at consistent times, but I will be incorporating the ideas from it into the to-do lists which have become part of my FlyLady routine.

First I have to identify the roles which relate to my long-term goals (mother, wife, writer - to quickly name the most obvious ones) then I have to get into the habit of identifying three small ways to progress each role each week, and scheduling them into my weekly plan.

I also want to work on classifying my to-do list based on Covey's time-matrix. There are some more tools and ideas for doing that here, including a free spreadsheet - I just have to make sure I don't fall into Rimmer's trap (Red Dwarf fans will immediately understand) of spending so much time making elaborate colour-coded timetables that I never do any work!

This site has some more ideas on how to evolve a scheme of personal management that works for you. I was particularly struck by this quote:
In order to subordinate your feelings, impulses and moods to your values, you must have a burning "YES!" inside, making it possible to say "No" to other things. The "Yes" is our purpose, passion, clear sense of direction and value.

I also liked the way that site tied the first three habits together - being proactive is realising that I am the programmer; clarifying my long-term goals is writing the program; and now I come to the stage of executing the program - putting it into practice. Speaking of which, Wombat just woke up, and I still have to feed the chooks and the parrot before I can get him up, so I'd better get moving!

SMART habit progress:

  • Waking up Wombat = working on finding a happy medium - he's not getting an instant response, but he's not (usually) being left there until he gives up on me either!

  • Setting Long Term Goals = I've written out eleven goals, and have shared them with Yeti, so good!

  • Being Proactive = realising that I am in control - autopilot responses getting less!

  • Declutter = HABIT - made $25 on eBay so far this week selling old dressmaking patterns (and the auctions aren't finished yet)... and have burnt piles of treasure rubbish on Yeti's fires...

  • My Work is to Love = feeling good

  • Daily prayer = HABIT

  • Positive Parenting = getting back in the groove - mainly lurking on the 4RealLearning Forum and thinking about homeschooling goals

  • Exercise = HABIT - I miss a day here and there, but am getting fitter - now exercise-biking 4.5kms in 10 minutes, up from 2.5 when I started and the pulse rate is consistently lower ;D

Visit Lara at The Lazy Organizer to join in Smart Habit Saturday - it will change your life! (Find out more about Smart Habit Saturday here: Getting Started with Smart Habit Saturday.)


The Lazy Organizer said...

You are amazing to be attempting all that life planning. It really takes a change of heart doesn't it? Definitely not for the weary!

Rebecca said...

As I was reading about all of the schedule planning I was thinking to myself "I get caught up in the planning and forget about the doing" - glad to know I'm not the only one who struggles in that. I made myself a loose schedule for the weekdays and assigned 'chores' to each day so I wouldn't get overwhelmed. I hope you find a schedule that works for you. Good job on your habits & good luck this week!

Thea said...

It definitely sounds like you are headed down the right path! I have the schedule made out, one that I know works for me, I just don't always put it into practice!

Good luck this week!

Scribbit said...

Would you believe I worked for Stephen Covey? Yup, right up until the day I gave birth to Grace. And nice as they are, it's surprising how disorganized they were :) In a lovable way of course.

Anonymous said...

Your inspirational quote was not written by Marianne W. It was taken from a speech given by Nelson Mandela when, after surviving years of oppression, he was elected President of South Africa.

John Davis said...

I know someone who is attending Creighton University to get his MBA. He has been needing to get a schedule and goals like this running. They would help him a lot! He loves his school and its great, but those goals are note worthy! good job!
How did you come up with these? just curious.