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Thursday, July 05, 2007

13 Things to Love about a Whining Toddler

1. He's so pleased when he learns something new.
2. He gives you the sweetest hugs and kisses (when he's not pushing you away, pulling your nose or thumping you to see how you will react).
3. He's so adorable when he is asleep, and so happy to see you when he wakes up.
4. Everyone makes demands of him, all through the day. Why shouldn't he make some in return?
5. If you think you are frustrated at his inability to communicate, just imagine how he feels!
6. Before you know it, he will be talking - and then you will face a whole new challenge.
7. If you can't work out what it is that he wants, chances are he probably doesn't know what he wants either.
8. His smiles and laughter are made so much brighter in contrast to his grumpiness.
9. He's alive! Just think how empty life would be without him!
10. He's curious about the world and wants you to name everything he points to (not necessarily to hold it in his own little hands - often just knowing what it is called is enough to satisfy him).
11. Distraction tactics usually work - especially if they involve a new book.
12. He'll co-operate if you ask him nicely - 50% of the time, anyway.
13. If you start thinking he'll never grow out of this stage - remember how far he's come already!

This video was taken at the start of June, when a new musical mat arrived - a present from Auntie Steff... Wombat was quite sure it was NOT a good idea. I was surprised, because he normally loves things that make music...

Ten days later, he had conquered his fear - I now get asked for the mat several times a day (this involves pointing at the top of the cupboard where it is stored and saying "buh" - his all purpose word.)

(Sorry about the awful picture quality - they were a bit long so I cropped and optimised them to load quicker.)

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Steff said...

with the latest rush of videos and photos i am amazed at how much little munchkin grew up in 6 months!! I remember when kaelyns huggies car turned up - she HATED it now she loves it and goes to "work" in it but only after we have all kissed her goodbye lol. Analeises mat is yet to arrive as for some reason they wouldnt accept my card - And toddler tantrums - hours of amusment for the whole family!!
love the no no no :(