We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.
It is not just in some; it is in everyone.
[Marianne Williamson]

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Inside out and upside down

13 things that are making me feel in a muddle this morning
  1. Wombat had a really hard night (teething?) and didn't sleep at all well. Lots of cuddling and crying.
  2. When I went to sterilise Wombat's bottles this morning, there were five bottles and four teats. I know I used five bottles yesterday so there should be five of each. I've looked everywhere and can't find it.
  3. When I dried Yeti's mug the handle came off in my hand.
  4. I didn't get any exercise done this morning. I haven't made my to-do lists this morning.
  5. Wombat is awake and calling for breakfast but his bottles are still in the steriliser.
  6. I didn't get to 'swish and swipe' this morning.
  7. My brother wants my help with a school assignment and I haven't answered his questions yet.
  8. My sister has written two entries and I haven't commented on them yet.
  9. When I went to feed the chooks this morning I found that Ruby (who has been sitting on her eggs all this time and is STILL sitting on them) had actually hatched a chick... I found the dried out little body.
  10. I hadn't checked Ruby closely for a few days. I might have been able to save it if I hadn't been lazy.
  11. Term 3 starts today and I teach in an hour.
  12. My lesson is prepared but I didn't finish doing the work in my own book to show them.
  13. I have lost that lovely organised feeling I have had all this week....


Scribbit said...

Sounds like it's not easy--so sorry about Ruby and long nights and lost nipples :)

Now that's a sentence to remember.

Steff said...

1 - teething is almost over take hope
2 - gremlins - quite obviously gremlins
3 - oh thats a bummer - I know because my favorite butterfly mug had that happen to it - and super glue doesnt work
4 - I go twice a week now to watch people do exersize - cant wait to get back feel like a blob
5 - give him some solids instead - or even milk in a cup - he is a big boy now
6 - I am intregued by this site but cant remmebre my yahoo password - when i remember i will go join - but the first task turns me off - i really dont care if my sink is shiny - its clean and thats all that matters - can i be bothered to go to all that effort to make it shiney - and with that attitude should i even start
7 - damn it I keep forgetting to buy and send him a birthday pressie - I am the WORST sister
8 - I dont even KNOW how many entries of yours I am behind on comenting - I think I shall have to try very hard to keep up to date with commenting as well as reading you
9 - poor chookie - thats why you dont count your egs ;)
10 - do you know anything about sick chicks? I dont.
11 - woo hoo - nurture those minds
12 - thats ok your the teacher you can get away with it
13 - you had an organised feeling??? I want it