We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.
It is not just in some; it is in everyone.
[Marianne Williamson]

Friday, August 18, 2006

It wasn't me... it was some other guy... err... girl... err... help?

you all know how good (bad) I am at procrastinating, right? Any excuse will do.

Last week I discovered the Photo Friday Challenge and thought, "Wow, that looks like heaps of fun!"

Since it was my birthday, I felt that I had every right to indulge myself :P so I took a photo... but then I discovered there was nowhere on my website to put it, and that it seemed lonely all by itself...

all week I found myself looking forward to next Friday (today) wondering what the challenge would be, and I kept thinking of you, my friends, and imagining what your photographic interpretation of the word would be... (which is strange, because today's challenge is... "FRIEND"!!!!)

so today I decided to stop daydreaming and ask you instead to join me in this palace of procrastination ;D I miss you, and since I can't justify any of my usual long-winded forms of communication, I figured maybe you would be as inspired as I am by these tiny little timewasters ~ momentary distractions ~ just a little bit of occasional fun...

The links at the side offer a variety of procrastination challenges... choose to do one, a few, or all,* depending on your mood... share the results, comment if and when you feel like it ~ no obligations ~ no worries...

(*I have listed all the ones that looked interesting, so we have lots of choice. If you do them ALL, every week, the get-a-life police will come knocking on your door. This I guarantee :P just try it and see...)

If you are going to play, put the title of the challenge (and your name) in the heading, copy the details of the challenge underneath and unleash your creativity! (I've done one or two to give you the idea... not because I couldn't resist... honestly! I'm strong, I am... *tears self away, breaking several fingernails*)

I do hope some of you will succumb to the temptation :P

(oh, and if you've got any good links to add to those I've found, feel free to suggest them)

ps. I am not planning to link or comment on the sites I get the challenges from every time I do one, but you can please yourselves about doing so or not... this is just an excuse for me to have some fun, a different way for some people I like to keep in contact, and possibly inspiration if you're having a dull day in your own journal :P


christine said...

This looks interesting. :)

Schelle said...

woohoo :D welcome aboard! It's 2am here & I'm just folding the clean nappies before heading off to bed, so I hope you can find something to amuse you!

Steff said...

Another blog just what i need - i shall add it to my collection - goodness soon i will have a blog everywher and my life isn't really that interesting lol