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Monday, August 21, 2006

Word beads

['teleological', 'unindented', 'ideology', 'dive', 'industry']

Authors who dive into unindented teleological explorations of the ideology of industry are unlikely to be popular with their readers.

lol... I didn't think I could do it when I first saw this week's words, but I needed a quick break last night :) and this is my idea of fun! now I guess I'd better define them too, before I forget what the sentence means...
  • dive - leap head first
  • unindented - wasn't in the dictionary, but I'm assuming it refers to a lack of formatting. Technical documents are much more readable if they contain lots of white space - which is why your english teacher insisted that each new paragraph should start on a new line and be indented.
  • teleological - 'The use of ultimate purpose or design as a means of explaining phenomena.' So, the author might argue that the ultimate purpose of industry is to promote consumerism, or to enrich our lives, or to pollute the planet...
  • ideology - 'A set of doctrines or beliefs that form the basis of a political, economic, or other system.' An ideology of industry might include the belief that everyone should be employed, so they could earn money to go out and buy things, which would need to be made in factories, so the factories would employ people... and around and around we go... an alternative ideology might emphasize ecologically sustainable development - industries which are good for the environment, for example... yet another might hold the belief that if we opt out of the rat-race and concentrate our industry on making our home life more productive, our society would be better and more pleasant to live in...
  • industry - I liked finding out that industry evolved from a Latin word meaning: 'diligent activity directed to some purpose' (busy work for a reason) to the current: 'systematic work or habitual employment' (having a job)... interesting to think about the difference between those definitions...

hmmm (lol - the boy is helping by deleting as I type! then the Yeti came and borrowed my internet connection... I shall have to come back and finish this later!)

Unfortunately my industry here, while promoting an ideology of procrastination, is unlikely (from a teleological point of view) to result in a future in which I get paid. I will put this in blockquotes, so at least it won't be unindented, and then I had best dive back into my studies!

ROFL ;D TWO!!! in reverse order, even!!! I rule!!! Aren't you just dazzled by my brilliance? *runs from the storm of rotten tomatoes being flung at her* :P

[now it's DEFINITELY someone else's turn :)]

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