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It is not just in some; it is in everyone.
[Marianne Williamson]

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Last Mondays Snarkland (Steff)

well snarklands question of the week last Monday was "How’d you get that scar?"
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(why do elboes look so ugly)
And since I have one of the best scars I think I've seen though I would show it off. I started writing this before snarklands next question and here it is Thursday so I better hot foot it and finish it. The scar was cased by removal of an invasive tumour that was wrapped around and through my elbow - There are actually two scars as the first time it was removed they didn't get it all. I was about 10 at the first operation and I think 11 at the next. It was benign and thankfully has not grown back and I never really gave it that much thought as a child - but now I probably think about it more. The older I get the more I think about cancer - the whole am I more likely to de from cancer as I have had a tumour before? and since Kaelyn was born I think more about how it might have impacted on my parents - because when I went in for surgery they had no idea whether it was benign or not - I'm not sure I even knew that much about cancer - certainly I don't remember being worried. But being a parent I can only imagine how scary that would have been for them.

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Schelle said...

I remember you got a little pink tv to watch in the hospital :D Funnily enough I wasn't jealous - I preferred to read anyway, and figured you were more bored than I was :P I remember being worried about you, and I remember you had a doctor called Dr Redbeard? who I always wished I might meet as he sounded like a pirate... but actually, I remember the time you had the glass taken out of your foot and stitched up without anaesthetic much more than the whole elbow/tumour thing - though both were probably partly my fault - I helped you break the arm in the first place by playing where it wasn't safe in Uncle Laurie's shed, and I took you down the steep bank where the teenagers partied and threw all their bottles into the creek - neither of us wearing shoes - not that I could have kept your shoes you on anyway (looks at photo above and grins)